What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise, which combines the core principles of breathing, centering, alignment, core activation and control of movement. Our lead Physiotherapist, Marie-Louise is an experienced and fully certified APPI Pilates instructor and teaches regular classes to suite all levels of ability. Pilates will assist in improving postural alignment, correcting muscle imbalance, and will help if suffering from pain in the pelvic or low back region.

The benefits of Physio-led Pilates classes?

Physio-led classes are limited to six to eight people and so that participants can be observed and guided through their exercises safely. Our lead physio Marie-Louise is able to modify and adapt exercises for individuals according to their needs and ability. Everyone can benefit from Pilates to improve their flexibility, balance, strength and posture. The exercises benefit both the body and mind and can assist with stress management. We offer smaller group sessions for those with more specific needs, including one to one sessions if required.
Balance Physiotherapy offers a range of classes for all abilities including beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, enabling participants to avail of the class most suited to their ability.

What can you expect from our Physio-led Pilates classes.

Our lead physiotherapist will guide you through a number of exercises which are mat based. We will provide mats and all equipment necessary including magic circles, exercise bands, weighted balls, soft balls etc.

Types of classes:

Beginners’ classes
Our beginners-classes are suitable for both men and women of all ages and abilities that are new to Pilates.

Intermediate / Advanced classes
Our intermediate classes are suitable for those who have done classes before and our looking for a challenge.

Coming soon:  
Pregnancy (Ante-Natal) classes

Our Ante-Natal classes are designed for women in their second and third trimester. We recommend that you check with your GP before commencing. Our lead Physio Marie-Louise will provide a safe way to exercise during pregnancy with lots of advice and ideas to practice at home.

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